• IMG_4097
  • Siena Laying down in the grass
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  • IMG_1795
  • Siena in front yard
  • IMG_9193
  • Jet City Jumpers 2008 Flyball Tournament

Siena is a Spanish Water Dog. We discovered this powerfully charming breed on Whidbey Island and decided we must have one. She came home with us as a 1 year old in 2002.

Siena knows a lot of tricks. She has mastered sit, stay, laydown, jump, speak, bang you’re dead, go right, go left, sing, talk, through the legs (weave). We’ve tried agility and herding. This couch dog preferred the Dog Park on Sundays and chasing her frisbee until she found¬†FLYBALL! (click)

Check back here for Video Clip links of the famous SiSi Show.